Sunday, 2 October 2011

Baking Chocolate Brownies

Today was a day for baking. I’m a novice baker, so I am easing myself into it by making the more basic recipes; I had a slight disaster trying to bake a chocolate cake a few months ago, my ganache frosting had a liquid consistency and ended up as a puddle at the bottom of the cake. Today I decide to make traditional brownies using the recipe in ‘The Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook’ by Tarek Malouf who owns the famous Hummingbird Bakeries in London. The book is filled with baking recipes, from cupcakes to biscuits to sweet loafs and pies (yummy). It also has lots of pretty pictures, and easy to follow instructions, which is important for a novice like me.

Another brownie recipe is Jamie Oliver’s ‘Bloomin’ Brilliant Brownies,’ which includes chopped nuts, and looks delicious. I am also waiting to receive a new cookbook I ordered called ‘British Baking’ by Oliver Peyton, which a friend recommended. One reviewer on Amazon said ‘I can't resist saying this book takes the biscuit.’ I am expecting a lot Mr Peyton, please don’t disappoint me.

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